Stop Going in a Roundabout with Your Voice Talent

Finding a GPS Voice to Navigate You in the Right Direction

In 500 feet, turn right. Proceed to the highlighted route. Re-routing. These phrases are locked in our heads and we can probably even recite them in our sleep. Many of us find our way around using a GPS system, whether it’s on our phone, in the car, or both if directions really aren’t your forte.

When you take the wrong exit, why do you feel as if you’re yelling at an actual person on your GPS? Maybe, it’s because the GPS is a person. Well, not the actual system, but the voice behind it.

Being in business for over 25 years, we’ve recorded many of the voices you rely on every day to direct you where you need to go. Our world-class recording studios allow us to produce high-fidelity, in-car sound because no one wants to take directions from a system they don’t understand. And we’ve taken it a step further by implementing double voice editing. This process involves one of our knowledgeable audio engineers going through the vocal performance and removing vocal inconsistencies. Then, the audio is edited again in a spectral view, so we can see any remaining imperfections. This method guarantees you’ll receive the clearest sound for in-car navigation and telematics systems.

To pose another question, what if you need your navigation system in a language other than English? Well, there’s another reason why we’re the perfect candidate. We have a database of voice actors who speak over 100 languages and dialects. When you select us, you’ll have an individual who speaks that language and doesn’t sound as if they took a language crash course online.

When you come to us for your voice needs, we make sure all of the bases are covered. Top telematics developers and car manufacturers trust their driver experience to GM Voices, so we don’t want you to be left out of the loop.

If you don’t believe us, listen to some of the voice recordings we’ve done.

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