Stepping Out to a Healthier Lifestyle

Find Out Who Placed In the Top Three

The second GM Voices Sound Living challenge has come to an end. Appropriately named, the Walk Like You Mean It competition had people racking up an unthinkable amount of steps in order to maintain a spot on the leaderboard. The friendly competition kept the momentum going for three months. Some took the long way to their desks, went for a walk during their lunch break, and participated in bonus challenges they could redeem for steps. All of these little things added up to them improving their overall health.

We’re happy to announce that each of our top three winners accumulated over 1 million steps. That’s an astronomical number and difficult to believe, but these three proved it’s possible. To share how they accomplished such a feat, we asked them a few questions. Next week, you’ll have the chance to read what they have to say.

From left to right: Lora Daffinson, Haley Bovard and Irina Adams.

1st Place ($500 cash): Haley Bovard

2nd Place ($150 gift card): Irina Adams

3rd Place ($50 gift card): Lora Daffinson

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