Rocking Out with GM Voices

GM Voices is known for several things. Chief among them are an expansive roster of voice actors, a top-notch process for delivering high-quality voice prompts and our green shirts (and occasionally, absurd costumes) we trot out for trade shows. Never have we been known for original music compositions or rocking your face off. But that’s about to change.

GM Voices can also rock.

Yeah, this plus a 30 foot wall of amps.

A combination of good vibrations from our first AstriCon and the holidays has recently inspired us to wade out into uncharted waters. We wrote some lyrics, busted out the six-strings, brought in some backup singers and started jamming. The result is the best song and music video ever on the subjects of VoIP and open source telephony. (One of rock ‘n’ roll’s all-time favorite themes, I may add.)

There are certain moments in music history when you can feel the planet shift its alignment: Elvis on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” Sgt. Pepper’s, Live Aid. This certainly feels like one of those moments.

It’s coming soon. Check this space (or the homepage) for updates. Also keep your set tuned to MTV. Wait. What? MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore? Never mind.

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