Put Your Company’s Language Barriers in the Past

With the Help of a Professional Translation Team, You Have Nothing to Fear

If you Google some of the most common English errors made by native speakers of a different language, you’ll come across some interesting examples. Some include “He had a dog brown” and “Let us talk to the childrens.” You may chuckle at these simple mistakes, but if your translations come out like that, your business is put in an awkward position because those mistakes could’ve been prevented if you went to the right people. Knowing there are close to 7,000 different languages spoken around the world (according to infoplease), some businesses don’t think they have the resources to reach clients who speak other languages, but let us offer you some helpful advice. Whether you’re a large corporation or a startup business, you can properly reach other languages and effectively market your brand at a price you can afford. Now, the next question is “how?”

Maybe you need to translate a printed document that’s going out to potential clients, but you’re nervous about having the documents translated incorrectly. A small mistake could taint how your company is viewed by your clients and minimize the chances of doing business with a company you’ve had your eye on for months. Well, can we offer some consolation? GM Voices has a team of professionals (yes, an entire team!) whose main priority is dedicated to translation services. Since this type of work is their specialty, you don’t have to sweat about our team messing up a task a less-experienced company might overlook.

What if you want to take it a step further and have your audio or video files or software translated? Here’s something that will make you smile – we can help with that too! Think of us as your one-stop translation shop because we will help with your translation needs!

If you want your company to reach a different language market, we promise to make that a reality. This video gives you some more details on our translation and localization services.

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