Parlez-vous français? Oui.

In Quebec and Much of Canada, French Voice Prompts Are Très Important

There are few countries in the world where you will find such bilingualism as there is in Canada. The nation declares both English and French as official languages at the federal level, and in some provinces, French is known as the sole official language.

Predominantly English language speakers represent approximately 57 percent of the Canadian population, with 23 percent speaking only French, and the remaining 19 percent speaking both languages. In Quebec, French is the sole official language where 81 percent of the populations are first language francophones. 

However, Quebec isn’t the only place where you will find such a prime francophone population. New Brunswick, Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia have significantly large communities of French-speaking individuals as well.

Both the English and French languages can be seen represented on postage stamps, as well as currency, and the dualism doesn’t stop there.  All motions in Parliament are required to be put in both languages, and all federal publications appear in two separate editions.

Canada is not the only North American country with a multitude of French speakers. French is the second most widely studied foreign language after Spanish in the United States as well. French speakers can be found highly concentrated in Louisiana, Maine, as well as the New England area.

With such a large market of French Canadian speakers throughout North America, it’s absolutely critical for an enterprise to connect with this language market on its various speech applications, whether it’s IVR, a mobile app, or Web media.

GM Voices records several French Canadian voice actors in its weekly session program, with many additional voice choices available. Does your firm serve Canada and America’s French-speaking regions? If so, your Voice Brand can’t be perfected without providing a French-language option. Contact us today to discuss your French voiceover requirements. GM Voices: Votre Voix au Monde.

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