Outsourced: A Show About Call Centers

Manager Sent to India, Laughs Ensue

Showing just how ingrained the far-flung call center has become in our culture, I have for your evening entertainment consideration “Outsourced,” a sitcom about an Indian call center. Just think: Now you can go home from your call center job and watch a wackier, perhaps slightly more South Asian version of your own life.

Sarcasm aside, it looks pretty funny. The zany ensemble is immediately reminiscent of “Community.” Hey, with Steve Carell leaving “The Office” after next season (and the show being placed in serious jeopardy), maybe we have natural replacement for NBC’s Thursday-night lineup.

I would be remiss to mention that if you in fact manage a call center (American, Indian or otherwise), GM Voices can front your IVR with a natural-sounding voice in any language or dialect.

Take a look at the trailer. What do you think?

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