Optimizing Your On-Hold Time

It’s a captive audience. Don’t stop selling them.

I enjoy lite jazz as much as the next person. Maybe more. Getting my local forecast on the Weather Channel with a side of tasteful sax is one of life’s underrated pleasures.

If you’re using this kind of music (or any other) for your call queue, that’s fine. But use it in moderation. When you have a customer on hold, whether for sales, service or miscellaneous, you have a captive audience. It’s the perfect time to hit them for the up sell or to reinforce your branding.

GM Voices specializes in on-hold messaging that keeps your customers’ attention. One phone call doesn’t assure a second buy or continued service. Make the most of your time. Go for the conversion.

From short marketing messages to entertaining, interactive commercials, GM Voices’ on-hold programs can help your company engage your audience. On-hold recordings are a vital part of a unified Voice Brand; combine them with a professional, natural-sounding auto attendant or IVR and voicemail messages for a world-class customer experience.

Too much lite jazz evokes a call to action, sure. Right to the coffee shop to pick up the CD. Make sure your on-hold messaging inspires the right kind of purchase—from you, again and again.

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