Of Contracts and Calendars: Recording Voice Prompts in Weekly Sessions

Save the date with GM Voices’ safeguard for Voice Branding consistency.

GM Voices’ bread and buttah is the IVR application. This is for a reason. They’re expansive and feature deep menu trees. Probably more importantly, they evolve. New options are added. Existing options are changed. People, locations, information… it’s constantly becoming something slightly different. As such, companies constantly need to update their application with new voice prompts. This is why GM Voices is the best option.

GM Voices offers dozens of its most talented voice actors in weekly recording sessions. Our talent record on the same day each day week, ensuring timely and consistent updates whenever called for. These voice actors are also locked into long-term contracts with GM Voices, ensuring consistency across the life of the application. A consistent Voice Brand has never been easier or more economical.

The concept is pretty easy. Say your preferred voice talent records on Tuesday. Just email your script Monday, the talent records Tuesday, and you get your ready-to-load voice prompts on Wednesday. Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat every Monday. Easy, no?

It helps these complex IVR apps provide a more pleasant caller experience. It’s a jungle in there anyway, so it’s good to have a voice guide you can depend on, who’s there on the phone at every prompt and in the studio every week.

Listen to samples from all our weekly voice actors at http://www.gmvoices.com/listen

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