Moustaches of Distinction: Legendary Voice Actor Mel Blanc

To Commemorate GM Voices’ Participation in Movember, We Spotlight Our Favorite Moustaches

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In the annals of voice acting, perhaps no figure looms as large as Mel Blanc. The king of of the Golden Age of animation, his was the voice of Warner Bros.’ Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and many, many more. He elevated the art of voice acting and enriched the pop culture landscape for 60 years.

Mel Blanc was also the owner of a dashing, pencil-thin moustache. It is indisputable, scientific fact that moustaches imbue men with strange and awesome powers. Can we attribute Blanc’s debonair facial accessory as the driving force behind his talents? Probably not entirely. More likely, Blanc had a God-given skill that was only enhanced by his whiskers. The tonality, timbre and richness of his performances undoubtedly were improved by the presence of his tasteful mo.

GM Voices is grateful to Mr. Blanc for his contributions to the voice acting art, and we thank him for being a “Mo Bro” in perpetuity.

Reader of this blog: Can we count on you to join our moustachioed ranks this November?

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