Is Your Company’s “Jersey” Sending the Wrong Message?

Update Your IVR System with a Professional Voice and Score a Goal with Your Customers

Have you been watching the World Cup? Did you see the Ghana soccer team run onto the field wearing the United States jersey when they played against each other? No, of course you didn’t! These teams go on the field as a representation of their country so they wouldn’t even think of pulling a stunt like that. When your IVR system isn’t done by professionals, you’re putting yourself in this hypothetical position – technically, your business is wearing a jersey that says, “Hey, we want to provide you with the best, but we’re really not sure how so we just settled for this.” Your current phone experience is sending a conflicting message about how much you’re really willing to invest in preserving your company and projecting an image that doesn’t positively reflect on you. Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, let us tell you a little more about how we can help.

If this comparison is convincing you to take a second look at the way your recordings are done, we’re happy to hear that, but our job isn’t finished yet. Now, we’ve sparked your curiosity about how you can improve your IVR. Easy for you, we have voice samples on our website. With over 900 voice actors to choose from (hold your excitement) and more than 100 languages (okay, now you can run and tell your coworkers), this is an opportunity you don’t want to skip over. Finding the voice that speaks to what your company stands for, will speak volumes when your customers pick up the phone. If you want to score a real goal, then choose GM Voices!

Watch this video to see how Voice Branding can set you apart from your competitors. Get ready to put on the right jersey!

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