Half-Marathon On the Brain, but Stepping at Full Speed

Our First Place Winner Shares How She Won the Grand Prize

We’ve given you interviews from our second and third place Fitbit winners, but today, we’re revealing our first place winner’s interview, Haley Bovard. Take a breath if you need to. We know it’s a big moment. Read to see how she raced her way to the top (literally).

1. Starting the competition, what kind of fitness goals did you set for yourself?

I didn’t have any fitness goals set aside specifically for the competition but more for myself. I started training for my first long distance race, a half-marathon, prior to knowing about the competition so finishing that was a pretty big goal of mine at the time. After completing my first half, I had the drive to do another one and to beat my time in the first one, so that became another goal of mine during the competition.

2. What was your favorite aspect of the challenge? 2014-04-18 15.09.17

I really liked the bonuses we had. The bonus aspect really made the competition interesting because I could see everyone’s step totals throughout the weeks, but I had no idea whether they had participated and earned bonus steps that could have thrown them ahead of me in the competition. Plus, the bonuses were built to try and make us more aware of other healthy things that we need to be doing on a day-to-day basis, like sleeping more and drinking enough water each day.

3. In the beginning, did you think you would’ve been one of the top three winners?

The challenge conveniently started one day prior to my first race so I thought I’d definitely be in the top. But everyone else came out of the gate running or “stepping” as well so I wasn’t so sure after the first couple weeks. We’ve got a lot of fierce competitors here!!

4. Did seeing other people’s step count motivate you?

Seeing other people’s step count definitely motivated me. Especially if someone is right on your heels in steps. It makes you want to move more just to make sure the person behind you doesn’t get ahead. This challenge brought out everyone’s competitive nature, which was interesting to see.

5. Since you were training for a marathon, how did that help your step count?

I’d say training for a half-marathon played a huge role in my step count because I was running significantly more than I would be when I’m not training.

6. What was the craziest thing you did to move up in the competition or reach your daily goal?

I don’t know if this is crazy, but it would be funny if you saw it. There was one day when I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my step count so I decided to walk around the inside of our apartment until I reached my goal (it was dark outside). My husband thought it would be funny to walk with me as well, so he followed me around. Our Boxer Roxy, who follows us everywhere, naturally trailed along. So there was a trail of me, Derek and Roxy making circles around and around a one bedroom apartment. It was pretty funny.

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