GM Voices Movember ‘Stashy Awards 2011

An Awards Gala for the Ages Commemorating Our Committed Mo Bros and Mo Sistas; Nearly $1,000 Raised for Charity

GM Voices‘ first annual ‘Stashy Awards, held November 30, celebrated our involvement with Movember, a month-long moustache growing event to raise awareness and funding for men’s health issues like prostate cancer. Many of use grew outstanding moustaches, and, all in all, we raised just under $1,000 to fund cancer research programs. It was a fantastic, moustashtic event.

Here is a picture scrapbook documenting the 2011 ‘Stashies. Click the images to enlarge to full size.







The enraptured audience waits for the ceremony to begin.







 Award nominee Andrew Bates ponders his chances.







Mo Sistas Emily and Donna deep in moustache contemplation.







The Stay Classy San Diego award for best anchorman moustache went to Rick Campbell.







The Purple Rain award for best Prince-style light moustache went to John Monsalve.







The Hulkamania award for best Hulk Hogan-style horseshoe moustache went to Marcus Graham.







 The In Like Flynn award for best Errol Flynn-style pencil moustache went to Justin “Dos” Fennell.







 The King of Sting award for best Apollo Creed-style standard moustache went to E.J. Smith.







The Magnum award for best Tom Selleck-style cop moustache went to Justin Cody.







 The World’s Most Interesting Moustache award for best salt-and-pepper moustache went to Jay Steinworth.







 The Mel Blanc’s Yosemite Sam award for best voice actor with a moustache went to Andrew Bates.







 The Gold Medal Freestyle award for best Mark Spitz-style standard moustache went to Tim Shoemaker.







The Smokey and the Bandit award for best Burt Reynolds-style 70s throwback moustache went to Darrell Hensley.







 The Frida Kahlo award for Mo Sista of the year went to Jessica Harrison. In absentia, Chad Harrison won The Ron Swanson award for best big and bushy all-American moustache.







The winner of our Best of Lionel Richie CD was Emily Harrison.







Heroes and frontiersmen. GM Voices’ 2011 Mo Bros.







Heroines and pioneers. GM Voices’ 2011 Mo Sistas.

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