Face It, Your Company Doesn’t Have One Yet

Humanize Your Company and Engage Your Audience with a Video Spokesperson

Progressive Insurance has Flo; Priceline has William Shatner; and Verizon has James Earl Jones. But who do you have? These celebrities are the video spokespeople companies have chosen to represent their brand, but you don’t need to have a budget like these companies in order to personify your brand. GM Voices works with a number of female and male actors, but if you want to find a new face, we can start the casting process. We make sure a friendly face or voice is affordable for all companies!

We can’t let you go any longer without introducing you to this craft because it will improve the way your business videos are done and you’re guaranteed to receive a positive reaction. After all, you want your customers to have someone they can trust.

By including a video spokesperson in your business videos, you’re putting a face to your company. You want your customers to know their business is in the hands of individuals who understand what it takes to get the job done and they’re capable of producing exceptional work. Quality isn’t produced when you throw a video together with several co-workers and nominate a random individual to be the spokesperson. That just spells disaster. Instead, you prefer a charismatic, professional individual who has on-camera experience and can be a chameleon for your brand. If that’s the course you want to take, then you’re on the right track because GM Voices can give that to you!

We’ll find an experienced actor who can properly portray your message to both current and prospective clients and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the finished product. It will accurately represent what you want in a tasteful and enjoyable manner.

Take a look at our demo and see how much of a difference a professional spokesperson can make.

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