Everyone Connects: This Time, Even More Crazy

The Outtake Version We’re Not Sure We Even Want to Show You, but Are Anyway.

A few months ago, GM Voices premiered a music video called “Everyone Connects (Enterprise Connect, GM Voices, Avaya).” You can read that original post and watch the video here. That video, while seemingly chaotic and full of shenanigans, was actually very carefully considered, storyboarded and edited. From inception to release, it took us about nine months.

Well, we’ve created an alternate version. This one was assembled from all our outtakes, as well as a “live” performance by the GM Voices Nerd Boys Band in the call center next door to our production facility. This video is chaotic, full of shenanigans… and basically just thrown together. And that’s why it’s so much fun!

If you’ve never seen our original—please, watch it first. You need some context. But then, watch this video and celebrate the never-ending zaniness that is “Everyone Connects (Enterprise Connect, GM Voices, Avaya) Live Outtake Version.”


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