Everyone Connects (Enterprise Connect, GM Voices, Avaya) Music Video: Now Everyone Connects

GM Voices Releases Everyone Connects (Enterprise Connect, GM Voices, Avaya); Unified Communications and Popular Music Changed Forever

In addition to being the foremost producer of natural-sounding voice prompts in the world, GM Voices is also among the best business storytellers. And lately, our preferred medium is the music video.

 This time, our story is about Chad, an intelligent (if somewhat geeky) IT professional who learns about the best Unified Communications solutions by going to Enterprise Connect (formerly VoiceCon). Chad finds the best system solution for his business, Avaya, and then discovers the best professional service to finalize his application (GM Voices, naturally).

Check it out and see why Rolling Stone magazine called Everyone Connects “the greatest music video since Thriller.”*

 *Rolling Stone did not say this… yet.

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