Enrich Your Online Presence with Website Audio and Narrated Multimedia

These Days, It Takes More than Text to Make a Connection

Businesses are slowly learning what teenagers discovered years ago through MySpace and (the 2005-era) YouTube; that voice and video make the Web-browsing experience more informational and “fun.” Companies are giving their value proposition an interactive spin, with highly variable results. See, what often makes media charming when it comes from individuals (low budget, muffled audio, cheapy visuals), looks unprofessional for companies.

As a website (or an automated phone system) is often the first customer touchpoint, it’s really worth your while to make the sure it’s optimized for the mobile and tablet era. Professionally-recorded Web audio, whether it’s for eLearning and tutorials or embedded sales/marketing materials, helps you tell your story online with greater impact.

GM Voices has assisted many corporations with digital Voice Branding; everything from short “avatar” messaging to hour-long training modules. In every instance, the material, which previously may have left customers cold, is inflected with branded personality, enthusiasm, and a crystal-clear sound.

As technology evolves, bandwidth increases, and our devices become more and more tied to purchasing decisions, the organizations that use voice-enriched media the right way are going to stand apart in the crowded marketplace.

If your website, digital media, videos and presentations are lacking that professional polish, please contact GM Voices with the details.

Here’s a short narrated presentation we recently produced for a friend.

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