Editing and Sound Quality: Don’t Fast Forward Through This Crucial Step

See How Our Production Process Is Changing the Game of Voice Recordings

If you were to listen to your IVR voice prompts, auto attendant, or other voice recordings, what would be your reaction? Do you hear a substantial amount of background noise interfering with the recording? Does it sound like your prompts were recorded in a noisy cubicle? Is the speaker articulating the words or do you find yourself distracted by odd sounds, breathing, or mouth noise?  If you note that your recordings aren’t superior quality, if you’re not impressed with your customer experience, what makes you think callers won’t come to the same conclusion?

We understand this issue is often overlooked or companies may be apprehensive about how to handle it. So, allow us to present our production process to you. Think of this as your backstage pass into how our skilled audio engineers record for Fortune 1000 companies.

When you decide to use our team for your voice recordings, we make sure that your Voice Brand is consistent with your company’s other customer touch points. We encourage you to work with us to find a single, brand-centric voice, because proper Voice Branding requires consistency and dedication to a unified customer experience.

If you’re worried about outside noise interference during a session, we covered that already… literally. Our booths are insulated with sound proof padding to guarantee the best results for our clients.  We also edit out distracting sounds like swallowing, breaths, pops and clicks for a smooth, seamless sound.

When you choose our team to produce your voice recordings, the difference between our quality and what you’re presenting to customers right now will be evident.

Don’t hit pause on this, thinking you can come back to it another time. Give your callers an experience they won’t dread.

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