Doubling Up: Visit GM Voices at SpeechTEK and ClueCon Next Week!

SpeechTEK Starts 8/8 in NYC, ClueCon 8/9 in Chicago

If you’ve happened upon this blog post in a very timely fashion, there’s a good chance you’ll be attending SpeechTEK or ClueCon. And, likely, you’re only going to one conference. We know it was a tough decision for you.

But thanks to the wonders of planning, GM Voices will be attending both shows! We love speech technologies and open source telephony equally—it would be like choosing one child over another!

At SpeechTEK, stop by booth 214 and say hello to Misters Jay Steinworth and Kevin John. Also, please evaluate all our new signage and displays. This blogger worked hard on them. Feedback appreciated!

At ClueCon, a less formal affair, find the newly hitched Mrs. Jessica Harrison (née Goulding) gabbing with attendees and taking in the presentations.

Yessir, we’re crisscrossing the country to talk Voice Branding with you, and also to give you a boss light-up pen. We’ll see you everywhere soon!

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