…Do As Romans Do.

GM Voices Featured in the May/June 2010 Speech Technology Localization Feature “When In Rome…”

Nobody likes a tourist. Whether it’s the American wearing cargo shorts and sandals in Italy or the German wearing a turtleneck and space-age track pants at Disney World, tourists stick out like a sore thumb. They’re interesting, sure, but they’re also different. Not one of us. They’re distractions, and from their cultural disconnect, a popular adage was born: “When in Rome, do as Romans do.”

GM Voices posits another variation that should apply to every company trying to succeed in international markets: “When in Rome, speak as Romans speak.” If your automated phone application isn’t localized to meet the expectations of the local market, you won’t make the sale.

GMV CEO Marcus Graham is featured in the current issue of Speech Technology, speaking to the importance of a culturally-authentic caller experience. Regardless of where you do business, the voice prompts need to be localized to ensure local market credibility.

“You’ve got to talk the language and be embraced by the local community if you’re to have any chance of success. If it doesn’t sound local, people just won’t buy it.”

Check out page 20 of Speech Technology, or read the online feature.

When in Rome, do as Romans do. That means shelving the shorts and Hawaiian shirt and picking up a Gucci leather jacket. It also means finding a native Italian voice talent and translator. It’s your transaction on the line, and nobody likes a tourist. Capisce?



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