Different Brands, Different Voice Personas

Six GM Voices Preferred Voice Actors show you how they adjust their performances for different voice persona biographies.

Just like you see in movies, an actor assumes a different identity to meet the requirements of a role. It’s no different at GM Voices, where our voice actors tailor their delivery to best suit a company’s brand and target audience.

We’d like you to check out our new voice persona sample landing page, where this process is demonstrated with six of our best weekly voice actors. Listen to the different vocal characteristics of each style, how they match the biographies of their persona roles. This is the Hollywood component of GM Voices, and it’s essential to helping individual businesses achieve unique Voice Brands.

GM Voices works with the most talented voice actors in the industry. They don’t just have pleasant voices; they can create characters that meet the challenges of any company and any industry.

Check it out. Neat, no?


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