Develop Your Business’ Voice Persona One Characteristic at a Time

Turn Your IVR System Around with the Right Persona

If you were asked to describe your company as a person, what would you say? Would you give it the attributes of a young adult with an energetic sound or go the more mature route of a confident businessperson with a sophisticated sound? Then, there’s the crucial decision of whether you’d make that individual a female or a male. You may not have a voice persona at the top of your business’ “to do list,” but this step is fundamental when it comes to properly developing your brand. If the voice is internally recorded and done unprofessionally, what kind of message are you sending to callers? After all, customers associate your company with the voice they hear on the phone. To reassure current and future customers that you care about your brand, you need to give your IVR some TLC (tender loving care).

While you might imagine an overwhelming process to personify your business, GM Voices actually makes it quite painless. We have over 25 years of experience in this arena so we know precisely how it should be executed. There are a few steps we implement in order to determine how we can properly craft your persona, one of which includes filling out a Persona Development Worksheet. Don’t worry, it’s simply completed to the best of your ability, and allows us to carefully select a group of voice actors who embody the characteristics you’re looking for in a voice persona. Once we share the audition samples with you, we’ll offer our professional opinion on who we think fits your company the best, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Don’t let the absence of a professional voice persona hurt your company. And, don’t miss out on the proven advantages of projecting a friendly, natural Voice Brand to your customers. Let us help build a solid foundation for your IVR system and witness your business take a positive turn that will connect with you and your clients.

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