Connecting with Spanish-Language Markets: Muy Importante

GM Voices Delivers Authentic, Regional Dialects for Any Application

Spanish is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, marking its place right behind English and Mandarin Chinese. Over 400 million people are estimated to speak Spanish as their first and primary language.

Smart companies already know that the Spanish-speaking market is growing rapidly. But the truly forward-thinking enterprises understand that it’s critical to establish a world-class customer experience for this audience early. While realizing its importance, some businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to translations, particularly in Spanish, and how different regions call for different dialectal translations and voice recordings. 

While all Spanish dialects use the same written standard, all spoken varieties differ in many degrees. Each country, region and community where Spanish is spoken has its own words, grammatical constructions and linguistic differences. For example, “swimming pool” is “pileta” in Argentina, “piscina” in Uruguay and “alberca” in Mexico.

Regionally-authentic voices establish credibility with your new market.  The correct region-specific language and terminology can establish lasting relationships with your new (and growing) customer base. Of course, GM Voices records its voice actors in Neutral Spanish (our North American standard), Spanish Colombian, Mexican, and Venezuelan (and more). If your company is expanding into new markets, or even serving the Spanish-speaking population in American, lay the groundwork for success by delivering a consistent, natural-sounding Voice Brand in the proper Spanish dialect. Let us know if we can be of any help in your upcoming language project. GM Voices: Su Voz al Mundo.

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