Cast a Spell on Trade Show Attendees with a “Booth Barker” Floor Video

This Trade Show Trick Stops Prospects in Their Tracks and Starts More Conversations

Before you head to a tradeshow, you probably quadruple check everything because you can’t afford to leave anything behind. Business cards? Check. Sales collateral? Of course. Promo items? You betcha. But what if there’s a crucial item that hasn’t made it on your checklist yet, a multimedia resource that helps you cut through the noise and distractions of your typical trade show floor? We’re referring to an event video, or what we sometimes call a video “booth barker.” This engaging voice and visual connection enabler will have people thinking, I need to talk to those guys!

An event video engages prospective clients while they’re roaming around figuring out what booths catch their attention and which ones they don’t mind skipping. We understand how challenging it can be to strike up a conversation with every attendee because without the proper tools, trade shows can be daunting. An event video will attract business professionals to your booth. It can discuss your company, the services you offer, and anything else you think is relevant to getting your message across. Or, just include something wacky or eye catching; really, it’s about capturing eyeballs or getting people to stop long enough to engage. When you choose GM Voices (that’s easy!), our team will make sure the video fits your company. Whether you want it playful or serious, we’ll work closely with you to perfect the video to your liking.

We have over one hundred languages available, so if you prefer to have a voice narrate the video while you show off some of the quality work your company has done, we can arrange that too. Either way, you’ll have a professional and talented voice actor when you choose GM Voices. It’s a deal you don’t want to skip.

Next time you’re at a trade show, take command with an event video. Look at this event video for GM Voices.

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