Business Storytelling: Voice, Video, Multimedia, Creative

You Have a Story to the Marketplace. We Have the Skills to Help You Tell It Better.

Creative marketing and sales support doesn’t always come easily or affordably for B2B operations. It requires a unique thinking and technical skill set, as well as access to resources that are unavailable to many companies.

Bottom line: Your business has a unique value proposition; a story to the marketplace that’s a little different than your competitors. Through whatever means are available to you, you get new business whenever you’re able to communicate that story effectively to prospects. But allow yourself a moment of introspection. Are you telling that story as well as you can? Are you telling it consistently at your various marketing touch points?

GM Voices specializes in what we call Business Storytelling. It’s a combination of core competencies—skills that are pretty specialized when considering the business landscape—that help our customers capture the eyes and ears of an increasingly crowded marketplace.

What we offer:

Professionally-Recorded Voice

It’s our bread and butter, baby. GM Voices offers any type of branded voice for any targeted initiative. Professional narration sets you apart from competitors and keeps your message fresh for long periods of time (or extended sales cycles). Our voices can accompany any visual format, or simply stand alone. And we offer this service in 100 international languages and dialects.

Live Video

With the equipment, technical know-how and a travel-friendly team, GM Voices offers professional video solutions that won’t break your budget. We make interviews and testimonials more engaging, and make corporate video seem anything but.


Retire that tired old PowerPoint deck. GM Voices breathes new life into your content through design and animation in all formats and software suites: Final Cut, Flash or even an animated PowerPoint turned into a video file. Files outputted for use on YouTube, Web, on-demand hosting (Brainshark) and more.

Creative Scripting and Consulting

We have some creative thinkers in our production facility. Regardless of message or approach (straight laced, quirky, in the middle), use our creative resources to craft your narration, dialogue or acted scenarios. No comparable vendor will offer these inclusive services so economically.

Give us a call at 770.752.4500 to work out the details of your next go-to-market story.

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