Business Presentation Narration: Professional Voice for Important Messages

Enhance the Way You Speak to Customers with Professionally-Recorded Narration for Your PowerPoint, Brainshark and Flash Presentations.

Seeing a prospect in person has many inherent advantages. In this hurry-up, multitasked, overworked day and age, being able to put a face to a name solidifies relationships and puts you in better position to make a sale over your faceless or voiceless competitors. When a face-to-face meeting is not possible, a phone call with or without a Web-shared presentation is a pretty good substitute.

But these interactions, these opportunities to tell your story have a disadvantage, however. They’re temporal. Once your message has been shared, it’s gone. Sure, it may be retained. It may also be brushed aside. Your audience may or may not share the good word with colleagues or the decision makers.

By using a professionally-recorded narration with your presentation, you ensure that your message retains its impact after you meet or correspond with a prospect. GM Voices helps companies speak to their audience with brand consistency, professionalism, and a crisp and clear sound.

Aside from enhancing the quality of your presentation production, a professional narration is permanent; your pitch will always be on point for multiple viewings as your contact shares the story with team members. If your message has a longer shelf life, or your product has an extended sales cycle, professional narration is a no brainer for the price tag.

GM Voices can provide ready-to-use voice files for use on any presentation platform: PowerPoint, Flash, or even on-demand services like Brainshark. We can even work with you on the graphical elements.

At GM Voices, it’s all about telling your story with more impact.

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