Better Service. Better Sound. Better Digs.

“Explore the space” with GM Voices; our process and facility make all the difference.

Anyone with a tape deck and a microphone in a basement can profess to be in the voice recording business. Technically, it may be accurate, but really, is that the kind of operation you want to entrust your customer contacts with? There really is no comparison when you consider the size, scope and service level of GM Voices.

GM Voices is headquartered from a 10,000 square foot production facility in Alpharetta, GA, just north of Atlanta. In addition to all the space dedicated to standard business stuff (sales, accounting, marketing), we boast a dozen combined recording studios, isolation booths and editing suites, all stocked with the latest and greatest recording gear.

Whenever we host a guest and are able to give a tour of our studios, the visual component of value proposition is communicated–voice recording is a serious business that warrants dedicated account management resources, a trained group of engineers and the experience to make your speech application connect with callers in any market.

Check out this short video overview of CEO Marcus Graham discussing our digs.

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