B2B Video Marketing from GM Voices

We have the resources to help you tell your story more effectively in the marketplace.

GM Voices prides itself on being a collection of great storytellers. Primarily, this is accomplished through voice recording; voice prompts for telephony, narration services for presentations, language localization for international markets, ad infinitum.

However, recently, our own internal video marketing efforts have resulted in several enjoyable for-pay opportunities for large B2B companies. It’s gotten us excited, and it’s fueled the progression of our capabilities and quality.

We’re fast realizing that GM Voices is fulfilling a genuine market need, especially in the B2B space: quality video productions that are far more economical than commercial video providers, with lots of add-on doodads that other vendors just can’t affordably offer (professional voice, Flash and Final Cut elements, scripting services, and a background in business communications).

Our CEO Marcus Graham has always said, “Nothing is sold unless a story is told.” For your next big marketing push, think of GM Voices to help you deliver a compelling and visually-appealing message that will capture your prospects’ attention.

Contact us if you’d like to see a sampling of our B2B video portfolio. We’re creative, we’re flexible and we’re open for business.

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