AstriCon 2010: Early Thoughts from the Floor

GM Voices and IVONA Text-To-Speech Exhibit Together Promoting a One-Voice Caller Experience–Natural Voice and Lifelike TTS in Matching Voices

The dust is still settling from AstriCon 2010, but it’s not too early to provide some feedback. The GM Voices team visited National Harbor, MD with different game plans; some of us exhibited, some of us were filming marketing videos for Digium. Coming soon will be some booth photos and a TMCnet interview with GMV President Darrell Hensley.

To start, our “story” at the booth was very powerful. Our partnership with IVONA was formed to provide companies with a consistent caller experience. With the release of GM Voices’ Joey and Kendra voices on IVONA 2 TTS (just for starters), we’ve created a convenient and economical way for companies to personalize an IVR. If you’re an Asterisk user, check out GM Voices’ new eCommerce (details for downloading free Asterisk prompt sets in the Joey and Kendra voices inside).

Second, this blogger was struck by the philanthropic potential of Asterisk and how developers are using the software to change and save lives. Read how Inveneo has helped Ugandans learn, communicate and protect themselves with open source solutions.

Finally (at least for this post), it must be said: The Gaylord is huge and confusing. Nice, sure, but also huge, also confusing. I felt like I was in an indoor setttlement on the moon. Bio-Dome, just without Pauly Shore.

Happy Halloween from IVONA Text-To-Speech

Check out this festive (and spooky) TTS Flash sampler from IVONA. Remember when TTS used to actually be scary? We’ve come a long way. Now, the only scariness is intentional scariness.

Have fun and be safe this Halloween!

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