Anatomy of a (Good) Voice Prompt

The editing bone is connected to the inflection bone.

Voice prompts are tricky beasts. These short, concise audio files can give you relief or a big headache. It all depends on who’s behind the microphone. And you can’t discount the talent of a professional audio engineer. If your IVR sounds bad, people will hang up or they will press 0 and try to get a live agent. It all snowballs into the perfect storm. You frustrate customers or you inflate your payroll. Or, you can just record your system the right away and not worry about it. GM Voices recommends this option.

So, what goes into a good voice prompt? First, you need a voice actor. These people are paid to sound awesome, speak clearly and be professional. GM Voices offers a huge number of people of this trade.

Next, you need the right environment. If you record your accountant over the phone from a noisy cubicle, there will be audio interference, mumbling, sharpness and generalized catastrophe. GM Voices records from state-of-the art studios. High-tech equipment, crystal-clear sound.

You also need a little post-production. After all, nobody is perfect. Even our voice actors stumble. They inhale, exhale and embellish with audible imperfections. Our engineers remove all these extras, resulting in a clean and smooth audio file. Even through the receiver into the ears of your customers, they sound great.

Finally, a word about inflection and concatenation. Most of the time when an automated voice speaks your phone number or account balance, it sounds robotic and unnatural. Sometimes it’s so distracting it’s hard to tell what’s being said. GM Voices strings these numbers and words together (concatenation) so they sound seamless with the other recorded files. It’s about tonal shifts and different inflections. It makes a big difference.

If you record your voice prompts correctly, you’ll increase caller containment and improve your caller experience.

There you have it: The anatomy of a (good) voice prompt.

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