Our Mission

To Help You Tell an Engaging, Brand-Consistent Story in Any Language, Any Media and Any Market

GM Voices humanizes automated voice technologies with natural-sounding voice actors, connecting companies with their customers in any language, any media and any market.

Since 1985, GM Voices has emerged as the global leader in professionally-recorded voice for automated voice technologies including IVR, auto attendant, call routing, even in-car GPS and telematics applications. By improving the overall customer experience with a consistent and friendly Voice Brand, we help businesses optimize their customer contacts, increase caller containment and reaffirm their overall brand image.

Through a worldwide network of voice actors, translators and reviewers (over 100 languages and dialects offered; hundreds and hundreds of total voice actors), GM Voices strives to give companies the tools they need to easily and economically tell their story in the marketplace. Our core business is voice prompts for IVR, but our services extend to business narration, multimedia (dubbing, subtitling), GPS/telematics and creative services.

No matter where you do business, no matter how you connect with your customers, GM Voices is your voice to the world.