GM Voices in the News

What Are the Media Saying? Read and Listen for Yourself!

As the foremost authority on Voice Branding for automated technologies, GM Voices is often spotlighted in news pieces and feature articles related to the voice recording process, automated self service, and other voice applications. Here are a few of our recent favorites.

CNN: Siri Goes Public; How We Recorded Susan Bennett’s Voice for TTS

For a full month, four hours a day, every day, GM Voices recorded Susan Bennett’s voice in every possible string of words, syllables and intonations. Years later, Siri debuts and technology is never the same. Read about Susan and how GM Voices recorded her famous voice for this groundbreaking application in CNN’s exclusive news feature.

The Wall-Street Journal: Developing a Friendly, Professional Voice

This Wall Street Journal article details the persona creation process and how GM Voices helped Aflac develop a new brand-consistent, professional voice that cut costs and increase customer satisfaction.

American Public Media: Delivering a Better Automated Voice Experience

Take a look inside a live studio session on NPR/American Public Media’s Marketplace program.

The episode can be downloaded here (story begins at the 22:50 mark).

The Verge: How to Make a Machine Talk

Ever wonder how a TTS voice like Siri is created? The Verge details the process through one of our voice actors for international TTS provider and partner IVONA (acquired by Amazon).

Speech Technology Magazine: Language Localization

When in Rome, do as Romans do. This internationally-focused features explains why language localization is so important in speech applications.

In the Community: Teaching Kids About Entrepreneurship

The big media pickups are nice, but sometimes you have to keep it local. Here’s a story about an event we held for a high school entrepreneurship class.